Thursday, March 16, 2017

Awesome Research Tools for Lawyers

We know you love MerusCase for the efficiency it brings to your practice, but you also need some great research tools to beat your opposing counsel. These tools will streamline your case prep process by trimming the fat and giving you quick access to relevant information.

Here are 3 affordable and useful research tools that meet various budgets and expectations:


CaseText has case law, interpretation, blogs, and opinions... and it's free! CARA from casetext  even allows you to upload your documents to CARA and automatically find relevant case law & citations for the subject matter at hand. Between CaseText and MerusCase, you'll have all the case-specific info you need, right at your fingertips. 


With Ravel, formulating an argument has never been easier - you can even predict various outcomes for your cases! Ravel gives you data-backed insights into your litigation cases, so that you can construct a thorough, tailored strategy with a high probability of success. This is the competitive edge you've been looking for.

casetext logo (2).png

Lex Machina - Legal analytics anyone? Lex Machina lets you look for analytics, patterns in litigation/data, and information about relevant parties. Law firms use Lex Machina to pitch and land new clients, and win lawsuits; corporate counsel use Lex Machina to select and manage outside counsel, and set litigation strategy and tactics.

You're already on a winning path if you're using MerusCase - just add these research tools to your toolbox and you'll be on top!


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