Thursday, June 09, 2016

Version 4.06 (Saturn) Release Notes


  • New Activity menu item in the Cases menu works again
  • Link to Related Cases checkbox is only shown when the current case has related cases
  • Restored the ability to unlink a linked activity

    Activity Tags

    • Attempting to delete an Activity Tag that is used in a workflow now prompts for replacement before performing the deletion

    Case Ledgers

    • Hours Billed is now included in the Totals footer


    • Clicking a company's preview icon displays the company's details again
    • Better behavior when creating mailing labels from search results


    • The currently selected day is now used when creating a new Event


    • Application Amended checkbox properly updates the overview again


    • Improved behavior when switching between adding a Contact and Company, only a Company, and only a Contact
    • Mailing Labels
      • No longer creates a blank document if the parties do not have addresses
      • Now properly uses the currently viewed case's parties when creating the labels
      • Avery 5164 labels now get properly created


    • Clicking recipient addresses in Firefox now properly removes the recipient
      • Ability to Send & Delete when forwarding a message has been re-enabled


      • Firm
        • Firm Default Rate is now properly populated upon refresh/reload of the page
        • Each step in the Rate Priority "waterfall" can now be set to honor or ignore $0.00 (zero dollar) rates
          • A zero dollar rate that is honored will use the rate, and the subsequent step in the priority will not be evaluated
          • A zero dollar rate that is ignored will allow the subsequent step in the priority to be evaluated


      • Clicking the Billed Contact on an attached invoice now displays the contact's details properly


      • Added Criminal Cases List with Arrest Date and Warrant Date report that displays the Case Number, Case Name, Case Status, Date of Arrest, and Date of Warrant based on the date the case was created


      • Workflows no longer fail to activate if the associated activity was auto-saved


      • When creating a calendar event or case ledger entry the date is now highlighted for easier editing
      • Paging through document or contact search results no longer clears the search results
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