Friday, June 28, 2019

Version 5.10 (Belinda) Release Notes


  • Case File field no longer gets cleared when it loses the focus
  • Editing a task's activity no longer loses the Tags button after saving
  • Improved behavior when attempting to add images to the activity Description

Activity Types

  • Improved feedback when attempting to delete an Activity Type that is in use


  • Now properly prevents adding documents to completed orders


  • Improved feedback when moving charges between OpenReviewed, and Rejected
  • Add Another Entry Like This no longer creates Detail View with an unusually small Case File entry field
  • Invoices
    • Payment Received ledger entries are now displayed on invoices in addition to their values being applied
    • Exporting or printing the Invoices tables no longer includes 'Older Items Present' warnings in the output


  • Selected assignees are now maintained when the calendar is redrawn or refreshed


  • Viewing an event with a location on a synced device no longer loses the location or Event Type
  • No longer including Statute Satisfied events in the synchronization

Case Files

  • Improved display of Case Comments and disclosure triangle
  • Follow Up dates are now always tied to an Event
  • Improved interaction with Follow Up date/event widgets
  • Editing a contact when view Case Details now displays reasonably-sized edit fields
  • More consistent behavior when using the Change All Historical Billing Items and Update Case Billing Info buttons
  • Saving a custom phase of a Case Budget no longer creates an increasing number of notifications


  • Companies now have access to the Alias field previously restricted to contacts only.
  • Alias field expanded to 64k to accommodate extraordinarily long company names
  • Improved layout of PhonesEmails, and Alias widgets
  • Travel Documents renamed to ID Documents to reflect the ability to save other document types like Birth Certificates
  • Initial filter when attempting to merge a contact is now properly applied
  • Better behavior when attempting to delete a contact that was recently removed from all of its cases
  • When merging contacts, email autocompleter entries are no longer prioritized over rolodex entries
  • Printing a billing contact's case list no longer includes the 'Older Items Present' warning in the output


  • Agenda list view now properly shows Task and Event icons for the appropriate items
  • Improved behavior when many activities have long descriptions


  • Improved display of preview icon and very long filenames when viewed in Detail View
  • Merge Fields
    • INJURY:status and INJURIES:status merge fields no longer merge in Array
    • Fields added for Family Law case types


  • Case File field is no longer editable for Follow Up events
  • Edit button no longer hidden at very narrow window widths
  • Filtering events by Assignees now properly interprets the OR clause
  • Improved interaction when editing and viewing events that are Unassigned
  • Better behavior when attempting to create a new event using the New Event menu item in the Calendar menu


  • Now preventing the deletion of Branch Office entries if a replacement Branch Office is not provided


  • Improved behavior when autofilling number-only fields
  • eFile QME now outputs the selected Dispute Type properly
  • No longer hiding the Quick Filters when showing legacy forms
  • Improved consistency of interface widgets and menu options when viewing the Forms table


  • Vendor firms now have access to the Messages tab in order to receive large reports that are automatically sent to the Inbox
  • Forwarding the PDF version of template now properly names the attachment the template's filename.
  • Now smarter about what to display in the Detail View when messages are deleted
  • Subject or Case File fields losing focus no longer removes previously added recipients
  • Sending a message to a contact that is not in the rolodex no longer creates both a contact and a company with the contact's name


  • Now properly preventing the addition of a deleted contact as a party
  • More consistent behavior when adding and removing contacts from cases


  • Improved interactions with reports that can take a long time to complete


  • Improved behavior of the Date Calculator

Third-Party Apps

  • More accurate counts of events and contacts synced via CalDAV and CardDAV respectively
  • CalDAV and CardDAV now display device information and date of the last sync


  • Now able to reassign a user's incomplete tasks, future events, and case staff assignments en masse
    • Reassign User button available when editing a user
  • Improved interface of Users edit panel including easily adding the current IP to the whitelist
  • Attempting to view a user without the correct permissions now properly reports the error rather than indicating the user has been deleted


  • Added Export Table and Print Table options to output menu for tables that were missing them
  • Improved display of many interface elements in various themes
  • Updated the Merge Field Reference Guide to include new merge fields
  • Open a Detail View no longer changes the main view or index
  • Printing or exporting a table after scrolling through the items no longer omits the scrolled items from the printed/exported data
  • Other changes for a faster, more enjoyable MerusCase experience
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