Thursday, September 26, 2019

Version 5.11 (Perdita) Release Notes


  • Spending a long time writing a description when linking a document to a case no longer leaves the interface in a state where the activity can't be saved.
  • Widgets no longer disappear when performing Edit->Cancel->Edit on document activities 
  • Removing tags now triggers the unsaved changes notification when attempting to navigate away
  • Print On-Screen Panel no longer generates extra blank pages
  • Safari: printing an activity no longer includes the main table
  • Telephone Call activities more consistently pull the associated contact's telephone number rather that their fax number


  • Show Historical Tasks preference is now properly honored


  • Invoices
    • New option for the format of the Summary Box on PDF invoices
      • Standard - Billed By, Rate, Hours, and Amount
      • Extended - Billed By, Role, Rate, Hours, and Amount
    • Start Date is now displayed more consistently when viewing an invoice in the Detail View
    • Invoice Cycle no longer appears twice in the filter options of the Create Invoices list
    • More consistently filling metadata fields when editing an invoice that was previously viewed
    • Ledgers coded as Write-Off/Charge-Off are now displayed properly on invoices
    • No longer prompting to save changes after canceling an edit of invoice metadata and attempting to navigate away
    • More consistent behavior of Delivery MethodDelivery DateTracking Number, and Confirmation Number fields when changing the Delivery Date
  • Ledgers
    • Save and Add More no longer fails to reset the ledger window under certain circumstances
    • More consistent display of amounts for ledgers when being edited
  • Invoice links in the Biggest Deadbeats list now open the referenced invoice correctly


  • Editing an event no longer doubles the event's duration
  • Week View printed output no longer displays a first column that is too wide

Case Files

  • Family cases now properly display a Family option in the Forms & Templates section of the left panel navigation
  • Ordering multiple document types from a Copy Service Vendor no longer improperly draws the Detail View
  • Increased spacing between Hourly Rate field and Recalc Rates button
  • Changing the Bill To Contact on a case now properly displays the settings for the previous Billing Contact more consistently
  • Case Budget Phases no longer show 'Not Set' for phase details tooltips when displaying a template that has details set
  • Improved layout of Filings section in Case Details of Immigration cases
  • Improved layout of Follow Up date field and alert
  • No longer displaying Follow Up label on Case Details view if no Follow Up has been set
  • Master File indicator displayed more consistently
  • Properly bringing in "700 MULTIPLE BODY PARTS" when importing a case via ADJ Number
  • Merging cases into each other is now prevented
  • Injuries
    • Other Dates notification no longer references non-existent dashboard notifications
    • Improved layout of Add Injury button and injury box
  • Settlements
    • Improved messaging about associated ledgers when deleting a settlement's invoice
  • More consistent behavior when scrolling to the highlighted document 


  • Address section highlight no longer overflows the contact's box
  • Supplemental Info section title is no longer displayed if the contact does not have any supplemental info set
  • Contact's associated cases list now has Export and Print options
  • No longer displaying the Prepare button when there are no mailing labels to prepare

Copy Service Orders

  • Vendors now see separate lists for Open and Closed orders
  • Claims Adjuster added to the order's structured data
  • More consistent population of fields, including Needed By, when editing an order whose previous edit was canceled (Edit->Cancel->Edit)


  • Reports run from the dashboard are now able to be printed and exported properly
  • Most Ambitious Billers graph now sorting users properly


  • Removed unused progress bar widget
  • Uploads that are auto-canceled because of size issues no longer leave the interface in an unusable state
  • Better feedback about how long the upload process is going to take
  • Batch Scan History notification about documents being processed is now more thematically consistent


  • Agendas no longer populate incorrectly when event is subjected to the Edit->Cancel->Edit experience
  • Assignee Agenda no longer shows incorrect assignees after canceling an edit of the event
  • Notify Assignees checkbox now properly hidden when all assignees have been removed from the event
  • Improved behavior of Remove All button when interacting with assignees and canceling the edit of the event
  • Event notification now displays the associated case if there is one
  • Date fields are no longer empty when editing an event whose previous edit was canceled (Edit->Cancel->Edit)


  • Anonymous users no longer pre-populate the To address of replies with their own email address
  • Print On-Screen Panel no longer generates excessive pages
  • Hyperlinks without http:// now open properly when clicked


  • No longer displaying Party Insurance widgets twice when editing a party
  • Improved consistency of summary card highlighting after editing a party


  • User
    • Show tasks marked completed more than 30 days ago checkbox properly reflects the state of the preference
  • Firm
    • Now able to select a preferred Invoice Template from any previously uploaded invoice templates
    • Able to delete unused invoice templates


  • My Cases Needing Review now honors the interval set in User Preferences
  • Cases List with Injury Detail now properly displays Court Case Numbers more consistently


  • Show Historical Tasks preference is now properly honored when viewing completed tasks


  • Improved text wrapping in tables
  • More consistently loading interface elements upon first launch
  • More consistent interactions when working with table filters
  • Improved behavior when exporting data after scrolling through a table
  • Defaulting to OpenDyslexic if it is present for improved readability for dyslexic users
  • More consistent display of alternating stripes in tables throughout MerusCase
  • Other changes for a faster, more enjoyable MerusCase experience
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