Friday, January 10, 2020

Version 5.12 (Puck) Release Notes

Billing Rules

  • Allow Specific User(s), Allow User Role(s), and Description String Match rules now consider billing contacts first, if set, like other rule types with optional billing contact fields

Case Files

  • Archived cases can now have messages linked to them
  • Client Account Bills table now has a column for ref/memo
  • Create Mailing Labels from the Parties tab now behaves the same as the Contacts Search UI when there are no addresses to print
  • Case phase info boxes now go away after scrolling


  • Browser back/forward buttons now work properly in Calendar UI


  • 5160/8160 mailing labels are now formatted properly

Copy Service Orders

  • Updating order status by vendors now reflects the new status in the left panel


  • Uploads that are auto-canceled because of size issues no longer remove all documents automatically
  • Merge Fields
    • Contact/company aliases are now mergeable

DWC Forms

  • Improved packet validation reliability


  • Added functionality to mark events as private/personal
  • Where field now handles properly formatted web links


  • Form filling UI now shows page number


  • Ledger descriptions no longer get cut off at the end of the page when they are too long to fit


  • More consistent interactions when switching back and forth between viewing and editing in various sections
  • Improved readability of message sync notices
  • General UI improvement for a more enjoyable MerusCase experience
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