Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Version 5.6 (Juliet) Release Notes


  • Task activity descriptions now include changes to priority, associated party, due date, and complete/incomplete status
  • Task Updated activities now only include the data that was changed
  • Message activities no longer display the Mark Unread link
  • Canceling an auto-saved activity now properly discards the activity instead of reporting an unknown error


  • Tokens for expired owner firms are now expired more rigorously


  • Initiating a new payment while in a case now properly populates the case file selector
  • Attempting to mark a delivered invoice Delivered using the control column menu item now displays a more appropriate notification
  • Delivery Method selector is properly populated with the previously used delivery method if an invoice is redelivered, i.e. marked delivered, Delivery Date reset, marked delivered
  • More consistent show and hide of case ledger widgets when creating a new activity and changing the selected case file
  • Better behavior when a billing rule's comparison values contain a trailing comma
  • Rejected Charges are now displayed in Detail View in a way similar to charges that have been marked Reviewed
  • Applying a credit balance to an invoice is now recorded in the invoice's Audit History
  • Attempting to record a new payment after viewing a task no longer displays the task's Mark Complete and Edit buttons


  • Improved behavior hiding event previews when moving between calendar views

Case Files

  • Case Agenda on the Case Details tab displays new items more consistently
  • Parties
    • Double-clicking a Party Group filter no longer displays the Browse Cases list
    • When adding a party, switching from Company to Contact now properly displays the Alias widgets
    • When adding a party, the following widgets are now properly displayed:
      • Add Address button
      • Mark Primary link
      • Move-In Date field
      • Move-Out Date field
      • Remove button
  • Archived case more consistently display any custom tabs associated with their Case Type
  • Improved behavior when saving Case Info while the displayed party is also in edit mode on the Case Details tab
  • Improved performance when creating a new Demand


  • Country of Birth and Nationality now properly display an autocompleter for country names
  • When editing an attached company the following widgets are now properly displayed:
    • Add Address button
    • Mark Primary link
    • Move-In Date field
    • Move-Out Date field
    • Remove button


  • Recent Firm PDFs
    • New Users now have a default filter
    • Detail View tab name now properly updates when the viewed file is renamed
  • Plain text files are now properly indexed and searchable
  • Documents received as attachments and linked to a case no longer show up in document search after they are removed from the case
  • More consistently displaying document name after renaming
  • Improved behavior uploading new .docx files from the MS Office Taskpane


  • Case associated with a statute linked to an injury can no longer be changed
  • Browse Case Events list no longer displays new events not associated with the case
  • Recurring events are now created on the last date of the schedule if appropriate
  • All-day events that were originally timed no longer trigger reminder notifications at the original timed intervals.


  • Improved behavior if the form attempting to be filled is either deleted or non-existent


  • Recipient entry fields no longer shift out of place when invalid addresses are entered
  • Resend button now drawn more consistently, includes an icon, and honors screen size changes
  • Messages linked to Archived cases now properly display the case name
  • Document preview no longer toggles continuously when the cursor is over the Account/Attachment column
  • Email Sync menu no longer drawn off screen with certain combinations of Detail View width and window width
  • Improved reliability when sending messages through servers with self-signed certificates
  • Improved display of Resend button


  • User
    • Improved validation of fields that should have only numbers
  • Firm
    • No longer possible to enter non-numerics in the Party Group Order field


  • Improved A/R Aging reports so that users are no longer counted twice in very specific situations
  • A/R Aging reports now include the Invoice Delivery Method
  • Cases List with Injury Detail reports no longer allow selection of case types that don't have an incident or injury resulting in a report that includes all case types
  • More reliably calculating Total Billed and Total Uncollected amounts on A/R Receivables reports


  • Setting the Associated Contact to None now properly removes the contact's name from the task
  • Associated Contact is now displayed in the task's details, and the contact selector is properly populated when editing
  • The detail view of a task no longer includes tasks that are incomplete and due on the current day, in the Overdue count
  • Tasks with no due date are shown with No Due Date rather than 12/31/1969


  • Can now set the priority of tasks created by workflows
  • Empty Event Titles are no longer allowed
  • Restore ability to delete actions and triggers without requiring the deletion of the entire workflow


  • EAMS Lookup Tool
    • Search now defaults to EAMS Name properly
    • Now more closely matches the style of MerusCase
  • Better alignment of icons on buttons in Firefox
  • Improved display when zoomed
  • Settings menu no longer displays Documents and Books options at small screen widths
  • More timely updating of Selected Items count when items are deselected automatically
  • Improved behavior when dragging a document (but not dropping it) over areas that are not case-specific, e.g. Dashboard, Paid Invoices
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