Thursday, January 31, 2019

Version 5.8 (Rosalind) Release Notes


  • Improved behavior when showing and hiding workflow warnings when adding and removing tags during activity creation
  • More consistent behavior when adding tags to activities en masse
  • Editing hidden activities no longer causes the loss of the activity's tags
  • Improved display of date values in Activity list when Detail View (right panel) is expanded
  • Filtering for activities using unaccented characters, now returns items that have the accented versions of those characters


  • Exported charges now properly display their Bill To Contact if it was previously merged with another contact
  • Exported charges use the charge's Bill To Contact instead of always falling back to the case's set Bill To Contact
  • Tabbing out of the Case File field when logging time no longer clears the pre-populated value
  • Opening an editable ledger entry (e.g. unreviewed) when adding a new ledger entry is now prevented
  • Interacting with the Billing Code when entering a ledger item no longer affects the presence of spaces in the ledger description in some circumstances
  • Editing a ledger entry on a case with no Bill To Contact set no longer resets the ledger's Bill To Contact to None

Case Files

  • Case Comments in the left side navigation pane can now be expanded for viewing longer comments in their entirety
  • Importing Product Liability cases now properly imports Date of Incident and Case File Number
  • ADJ Filing Deadline field is now properly shown for only Workers' Compensation cases
  • When deleting or combining case files fails, checked boxes are properly unchecked, and the selected items label is updated appropriately
  • Improved validation of ADJ numbers when looking up cases
  • Improved behavior of Case File Preview when viewed in Browse Case Files


  • Delete button is now disabled if the contact is associated with a user
  • Improved notifications and interface when attempting to delete a contact that can't be deleted

Copy Service Orders

  • Improved layout of orders index 


  • Changing the document name through the MS Word taskpane no longer causes Word to consider the document corrupted
  • Template merging no longer fails silently when there is a large number of party options
  • Attempting to rename a document with a name longer than 255 characters is now prevented
  • The results of Document ArchiveTemplate ArchiveDocuments->Combine are now limited to 10GB
  • Results of Document Archive no longer contain temporary folder names
  • Document Archive now generates a CSV of activities even if there are no documents in the case
  • Document names with special characters are now sanitized properly when saving using the MS Word task pane
  • Improved responsiveness of Document Archive and Template Archive dialogs
  • Documents are no longer searchable if their associated case file has been deleted

DWC Forms

  • Pre-submission validation of JET filings has been restored

Email Accounts

  • Password field is now properly a password field (obscured entry)


  • Removed Edit Task from the Control Column items

Event Types

  • Added reminder to consider color blind users when picking colors


  • Sending a message to a company no longer creates FirstLast, and Middle name values for the company
  • No longer attempting to display messages that could not be retrieved during a prior sync resulting in apparent duplicate messages being shown
  • Messages sent to users in other firms no longer display the contact information from the receiving firm's rolodex when the message is viewed in the sending firm
  • Improved behavior of Always Send Messages from This Account widget
  • Increased spacing for extra long attachment names
  • Resending messages from the Outbox works properly again
  • Improved performance of sync operations


  • User
    • Added option for showing/hiding the Most Ambitious Billers graph on the Dashboard


  • Editing a party's attached company now prompts for confirmation if the company or its employees are on multiple cases


  • Upcoming Due Dates report no longer fails when attempting to report on New & Further Disability dates
  • Updates to birthdates and SSNs are now properly reflected in reports
  • Cases List with Injury Detail reports no longer indicates an incorrect number of items being included in the report


  • When adding a task from the Recent Firm PDFs index, the current tab remains on Recent Firm PDFs properly
  • Improved behavior when propagating changes to linked tasks

Third-Party Apps

  • New apps now default to


  • Warnings about triggered workflows now appear when merging a template and using the New Activity dialog
  • Newly added workflows no longer disappear after logging out and logging back in


  • Improved layout of some widgets in Don't Stop Believin'Tubthumping, Funkytown themes
  • Added Excel Export as an option for Vocational Service Referrals and Subpoena Records indexes
  • System-provided Event Types now have colors that are easier to see for users with color blindness
  • Improved permissions checking for various Settings areas
  • Merge Field Reference Guide updated to include field for Employment cases
  • Other changes for a faster, more enjoyable MerusCase experience
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