Friday, January 11, 2019

Version 5.7 (Portia) Release Notes


  • Hidden activities can now be edited, if they were editable when not hidden
  • More consistency around keeping workflow generated activities grouped with the activity that triggered them
  • Forwarding unnamed documents now properly attaches the documents to the outgoing message


  • Invoices
    • Added new Fixed-Fee Format invoice layout that displays only
      • Date
      • Description
      • Billed By
      • Amount
    • Date Start is no longer populated with a date that is after the date in Date End when creating invoices
    • When allocating receivables to ledger items on an invoice, the Apply All Suggestions action is now much faster
  • Improved display of case file selection list when logging time
  • Pay To of a Bill no longer displays a contact preview icon for contacts not present in the rolodex, or when no Pay To is set
  • Payor field of a new receivable now searches the rolodex if no case file is selected
  • When editing a Settlement, improved feedback for Legal Fee field and Gross Amount suggestion

Case Files

  • Attempting to combine/merge a single case now alerts to select at least two cases
  • Case Preview for Immigration cases now properly displays any packets on the case
  • Date of Warrant on Arrests no longer display a time of 12:00 AM
  • Venue now prioritizes in the following order: case file -> firm office -> user preference -> firm preference 


  • Added help text to the Height field to show the ft and in calculation of the value entered
  • Previous addresses are now indicated by a different location icon, and additional information in the the address's title (hover text)
  • Now able to search for contacts on the following fields
    • County
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
  • Deleting a company no longer attempts to open a New Contact tab
  • Print Envelope interface more closely adheres to chosen theme

Copy Service Orders

  • Now preventing the submission of orders when the Needed By date is in the past 


  • Now possible to add Activity Tags when merging templates that have no merge fields
  • Existing documents with names longer then 255 characters can now be downloaded

Email Accounts

  • Now able to set up multiple outbound accounts


  • Setting an event to All Day after using the Date Calculator no longer triggers the display of the End Date field
  • More consistent when adding users by branch office

Event Types

  • System-reserved types now behave better when being edited


  • Attachments are now capped at 128MB max (total size). 
  • Now able to set a default outbound account


  • Editing a party no longer causes hidden parties to be shown
  • Count of cases a contact is a party on is updated more consistently
  • Audit history now properly displays removal of parties if the contact was on the case more than once


  • Added a selector for Firm Office on reports that allow for selecting multiple users
  • Billable Time By Day By Bill To Contact now more accurately totals amounts for users


  • Tasks without a Due Date no longer appear on the Dashboard calendar
  • Tasks without a Due Date are no longer considered overdue
  • Improved performance when searching Firm Tasks
  • Tasks created by a workflow no longer display a spurious ' ' in some circumstances
  • Editing a task that generates another task via a workflow, no longer causes the new task to be displayed rather than the original task
  • Marking a task Complete after canceling an edit now properly marks the task Complete
  • Deleting a task while viewing the Case Details tab now properly closes the Detail View of the deleted task
  • More timely updating of the task count indicator in the main menu bar


  • Description triggers must now be at least 2 characters long
  • Improved behavior when attempting to save a workflow with no name


  • Improved layout of some widgets in Billie Jean theme
  • Updated quotes available when clicking the welcome message
  • EAMS Lookup Tool appearance more closely matches the MerusCase appearance
  • Branch Office list now properly updates after adding a new office
  • Various selectors on the Employment tab are now properly populated
  • Improved handling of special characters in the Author field of a JET packet
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