Thursday, May 16, 2019

Version 5.9 (Cupid) Release Notes


  • Activity descriptions that exceed the Ledger Description Maximum no longer trigger the warning if a ledger entry is not being created
  • Recent Firm Activities now updates properly when an activity is edited


  • Improved checks for proper calculation of amount
  • Malformed request when editing a Billing Rule no longer creates a rule with no type
  • Including an invalid activity_type_id when attempting to add a tag to an activity now properly returns an error
  • People Types list is now available at /peopleTypes/index


  • Added ability to send invoices via email
  • Payment ledgers (Invoice: FeeInvoice: TDInvoice: Deposition Fee) are now included when ledgers are automatically allocated by the Cash Flow reports
  • Billable Time graphs now honor any filters applied to the displayed table
  • Number of invoices not created is now properly reported following invoice creation


  • Improved sorting of all-day events when printing the Agenda View
  • Improved display of extremely long names in Assignees menu
  • Calendar is now properly redrawn if initially hidden by the Detail View (narrow display widths)


  • Companies are now synchronized if their People Type is included in those being synchronized
  • Contacts created outside of Merus no longer receive an invalid People Type

Case Files

  • New Case interface reorganized for easier data entry
  • Venue Reason selector added to New Case interface
  • Social Security Administration cases now have a dedicated tab
    • Case-specific fields for Court Case NumberAlleged Onset Date, and Date Last Insured
    • Additional merge fields added for new fields
  • No longer displaying the Firm Office selector when creating a new case if the firm has a single office
  • Now able to filter case files by Firm Office
  • Case Progress phases now have a tooltip that displays the comments and description set for the phase
  • The displayed party of a case no longer stays in edit mode after saving immediately after case creation
  • Improved behavior and consistency of Follow Up widgets


  • A new company is now properly created when adding a new employment history with a company that is not in the rolodex
  • Marking a voice number as a primary number no longer resets primary fax numbers, and vice versa
  • More consistent behavior of Move-in and Move-out date pickers
  • Removing a newly added, but empty email address now works properly
  • Filtering by People Type now displays the selections just like other filters
  • Improved display of email addresses at narrower display widths
  • Older Items Present warning no longer overlaps invoice cycles in some circumstances


  • Immigration Hearing dates are now mergeable
  • Contact's Travel Document and Travel History data is now mergeable
  • Additional file types are now able to be uploaded (size limits still apply)
    • .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp1, .mp2, .m1v, .mpa, .mpv, .m4v
  • Date picker for filtering search results is no longer clipped by the Detail View if it is open

DWC Forms

  • No longer necessary to select Jet or eFile for the Filing Method; the selected form will set the Filing Method

Email Accounts

  • Account Saved notification is properly shown again when saving account information


  • Improved behavior when creating events that cross midnight
  • Improved interaction of duration widgets when interacting with the All Day checkbox
  • Creating a one day, all-day event in the past no longer creates a multi-day, all-day event
  • No longer able to save events if the Start is after the End


  • More consistent behavior of the Always Send Messages from This Account widget
  • Notification of invalid email address now properly displays the email address rather than the recipient's name
  • Message attachments can no longer be renamed with names longer than 255 characters


  • Parties no longer open in edit mode after adding a party using Add & Edit
  • Toggling between Contact and Company when adding a party works again


  • Firm
    • Case Progress Templates
      • Attempting to delete a template that is being used now prompts with a list of cases using the template 
    • Payment Methods
      • Account column now displays information
    • Review Case Ledger Entries Before Invoicing and Enforce a `Predefined Description` when Recording New Case Ledger Entries now honor the state of their checkboxes


  • Recently Created Cases is now available to all vendor accounts

Third-Party Apps

  • My Apps now properly shows Subscribed when the user is subscribed
  • CalDAV and CardDAV now display device information and date of the last sync


  • Notification about workflows that will trigger is now closer to the Activity Tag and Description widgets when merging templates


  • Merus, Inc. link is no longer highlighted when opening the About dialog
  • System clock warning no longer generates errors
  • Improved readability of Dashboard notices
  • Improved responsiveness of graphs
  • Improved consistency of notification widgets
  • Updated icon for zipped download menu option of Open As PDF button
  • Improved output of printed tables
  • Other changes for a faster, more enjoyable MerusCase experience
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