Monday, February 22, 2021

Client Communication Made Easy With Case Status

For any relationship to be successful, you need solid communication. For attorneys and clients alike, an open line of communication is even more important — it could mean the difference in the outcome of a case. 

In an increasingly digital world, cutting through the noise of alerts, pop-up notifications, and emails is the only way to ensure your messages are not only seen, but acted upon. Text messaging continues to be one of the most successful ways that businesses can reach their clients, in fact, text messages have a 98% read rate within three minutes of receiving a message — the same can’t be said for email.  

Elevating your law firm is what we’re all about, so we’re thrilled to announce a new integration with Case Status, which will allow all of your correspondence between your firm and your client to be posted back to your MerusCase account. 

Update your clients instantly with Case Status 

Case Status is a client connection software that enables your law firm to provide clients with on demand updates about their case. With a single click, your clients can receive case updates and messages, wherever they are - through Case Status’ app, on MerusCase’s Messaging portal, or via a text message. Its modern, intuitive interface lets staff manage thousands of clients with ease. Your firm can also send text messages through the integration application knowing all of your communications will post back to your MerusCase account. Here are a few ways our new integration with Case Status can make a difference in your firm's communication.

Secure and Compliant Messaging 

Client-attorney privilege is of the utmost importance to your firm, with Case Status’ secure messaging system, you won’t have to worry about information being compromised through the use of a personal attorney cell phone. And you can always rely on MerusCase’s secure end-to-end SSL encryption to store those communications within the system.

Increased Automation 

Keep your clients in the know with automated messages, leaving you with more time to handle your cases, and less time sending your clients reminders about unsent documents or upcoming deadlines. Your clients will appreciate the consistency, and be delighted with the transparency that regular messages can provide.    

Mass Messaging 

Need to send a message to multiple parties? No problem. From important case updates to simple holiday messages, Case Status can handle any communication with a single click. 

Document Exchange 

Need to request medical records? Speed up your document collection process by securely sending and receiving documents right within Case Status. Documents will be stored just as they always are in MerusCase, saving you time looking for and transferring documents from multiple sources. 

Communication Analytics 

See your team's response times and other communication metrics to ensure your clients are receiving the best service possible. With Case Status’ dashboard you can see how quickly clients are being responded to, and how often clients have checked in on their case. Gain insight into top performers at your firm and identify who is managing clients effectively.  

Enable text messaging in your MerusCase account today

We’re so excited to be working alongside Case Status, and we hope that you can see the benefits of securely messaging your clients as well. If you’re not yet a MerusCase user, you can Schedule a Demo to get started with the legal practice management software that’s tailor-made for Workers’ Compensation, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, and Employment and Labor law firms. If you’re already a customer and would like to activate your Case Status account today, you can do so below. 

Activate Case Status 

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