Friday, October 05, 2018

Version 5.5 (Desdemona) Release Notes


Highlights for this release are the new File Folder View, Screen View options, and Intelligent Workflows. Read about the many other changes we've made below!



  • Added a notification to inform you when you are creating an activity that will trigger a workflow, including the name of the workflow(s) being triggered
  • Previewing .ZIP files now shows a list of files contained in the .ZIP archive
  • It is no longer possible to open the Record Time Charges interface without a case selected
  • When combining documents into a single PDF, the documents are combined in the order they were added to the case
  • Adding any activity tag after adding Telephone Call no longer removes the associated contact
  • No longer possible to create an activity with no activity tags


  • Calls to copyServiceOrders/index now accept the following parameters
    • copy_service_order_status_id
    • record_type_id
    • And, for filtering on date_needed_by, date_submitted, and date_completed 
      • gte - greater than or equal to
      • lte - less than or equal to
      • gt - greater than
      • lt - less than


  • Improved behavior for saving ledgers when the network connection is slow
  • Removed increment/decrement arrows when entering Expense - Item ledgers to reduce data-entry errors
  • Improved grouping of fees and expenses when exporting invoices in LEDES formats
  • Improved behavior when replacing rates using the Recalc Rates button
  • Invoices
    • Better handling of credit balances when applied to invoices with applied payments


  • Improved behavior hiding event previews when moving away from the calendar

Case Files

  • Search Case Documents is now displayed in a Folder Tree structure where Activity Tags are considered folders
  • Corrected messaging when attempting to create a Document Archive and there are no documents in the case
  • Deleting cases is now limited to no more than 30 at once
  • Merging/Consolidating cases is now limited to no more than 10 at once
  • No longer possible to delete a case if an associated Settlement has a linked Invoice or Bill
  • Improved layout of Related Cases information on Case Details
  • Improved interactions when entering a Follow-up Date


  • New ability to unset a contact's Demographic Races selection

Copy Service Orders

  • Fulfilled order activities now include the contact name


  • Recent Firm PDFs
    • Now able to add multiple tags when linking a document to a case
  • Plain text files are now indexed and searchable
  • Documents received as attachments and linked to a case no longer show up in document search after they are removed from the case
  • More consistently displaying document name after renaming


  • Now able to add multiple tags when linking a message to a case
  • Consolidated Subject column with From and To in Inbox and Sent/Drafts/Outbox tabs respectively
  • Improved validation of the selected case when linking a message
  • Deleting a message in the Detail View now opens the next message in the list, if there is one


  • User
    • Added Detail View (Right Panel) for setting the width of the Detail View
      • Emphasize Detail View
      • Split Down the Middle
    • Show/Hide the Case Progress bar on the Case Details page


  • Tasks generated by workflows now show the user who triggered the workflow as their creator
  • No longer possible to delete the task being edited in the Detail View using the widgets in the list

Third Party Apps

  • User column in user lists now sorts properly



  • Improved display of Tools & Settings menu on small screens
  • Better display of button icons on Firefox
  • Updated Document Separator Titles for CA DWC forms
  • Updated body parts descriptors in forms injury selectors
  • Tables that allow the selection of multiple items now display how many items are selected
  • Improved interaction and display of table filters
  • Improved display of tabs on small screens

Check out the updated MerusCase KnowledgeBase documentation to read the details about these changes and more!

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