Friday, March 02, 2018

Version 5.2 (Ophelia) Release Notes

MerusCase version 5.2 includes some amazing new calendar interactions including the ability for you to invite others to a meeting or even to add someone else's invitation to your Merus calendar with the click of a button!

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Your calendar views have been completely upgraded to include several new features, starting on your dashboard. You can now select from three different calendar views including day, week, or list and Merus will remember your favorite and display it the next time you come back! Want an Annual calendar view with all 12 months? Get dual 50" monitors and we can talk.

You can now email event invitations, both internally and externally. People might actually show up to your meetings on time.

There are a few other exciting new features you should know about too.

  • Added the ability to view the calendar(s) for ANY combination of colleagues within your firm

  • Checking the Notify Assignees checkbox sends an email to all assignees with an .ics file attachment that can be added to any .ics-compatible calendar application

  • The number of guests invited to an event will be displayed in the event preview and in the events index

  • Improved display of Colleagues menu when creating new events. You can add individuals, an entire office or your whole firm!

  • Added the ability to jump to any date in a calendar by using the new go to button


  • Activity descriptions now indicate the presence of event guests by displaying a count, i.e. +2 Guests

  • All-day events now display "All Day" instead of a time in the When portion of the activity description

  • Improved behavior when accidentally double-clicking the Edit button when viewing an activity (Merus is a web application, you only need to click the internet one time)

  • Improved behavior when logging time on an activity when the Compose Message view is open

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  • Improved display of tab names on smaller screens

  • Minor improvements to Allocation Mode within a Paid Invoice

case files.jpg

  • No longer possible to link a case to itself (Yes, someone did that.)

  • Improved layout of Case Details widgets (Yay, widgets!)

  • More consistent display of case's File Number in the left panel


  • Improved capitalization clean-up when creating contacts and companies (go ahead, try adding "jAcOb j jiNglehEiMeR" and see what happens)


  • Added ability to add events from messages with .ics attachments

  • Improved display of attachments with long names

  • Improved behavior of recipient auto-completer when entering email addresses

  • No longer displaying Reply All button if there is only a single recipient that is not the current user

  • More consistently finding the current user in the list of recipients, and not including them when performing a Reply or Reply All

  • Attempting to reply to a message with only CC or BCC recipients no longer fails silently (it squeaks now)


  • Upcoming Calendar Events per Claim Adjuster Assigned now displays event guests

other changes.jpg

  • Improved behavior when interacting with index selections and scrolling

  • City associated with zip code 95977 is now Smartsville...Hi Smartsville!

  • Tasks: Case Staff initials are now displayed in Task indexes and can be filtered to view tasks for all cases with a specific Staff member is assigned

  • Dashboard: Using Click to Open widget now properly opens Firm Calendar if firm events are displayed in the Agenda

  • Dashboard: More accurate display of multi-day events that end before 9:00 AM

  • Dashboard: More accurate display of multi-day, all-day events

  • Dashboard: Improved layout of Messages to prevent message timestamps from being cut off

  • Calendar: Removed Default Calendar View from User Preferences. Your Active calendar view is now remembered from your last visit!

  • Calendar now maintains the active view when changing the Branch Office selection

  • Calendar: More consistent removal of event previews when no longer hovering over a given event

  • Events: More consistent setting of event start time when creating new events

  • Events: Assignee Agenda updates more accurately when adding and removing event assignees

  • Events: Improved behavior when interacting with the All Day checkbox

  • Events: Improved display responsiveness when updating assignees on related events

  • Parties: Tab name when adding a new contact no longer indicates it has a menu

  • Parties: Removing a party from a case using the party's Contact: Cases tab now properly updates the case's and contact's parties lists

  • EAMS Lookup Tool improvements

  • Other changes for a better, more efficient MerusCase experience!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Version 5.1 (Cordelia) Release Notes

Welcome to MerusCase version 5.1!


  • Improved the layout for the following system generated Activities: Task CompletedEvent Updated, and Event Created
  • Improved behavior when encountering an activity with no valid Activity Tags

books and billing.jpg

  • Better behavior flagging contacts as billing contacts when the contact is assigned to a single case

  • Improved layout of interface elements when logging fees in the Client Account

  • When logging time, changing the case correctly changes the Ledger Type according to the case's settings

  • Editing an invoice's header data is now prevented if a payment has been applied

  • Leaving Allocation Mode now correctly hides all the appropriate interface elements

case files.jpg

  • Ensured presence of the Child Support Calculator for Family Law - Custody case files

  • Improved layout of Incident tabs for all personal injury case types


  • Filtering by People Type is now properly reflected when contacts are exported

  • Improved behavior of the firm-wide Remove Duplicates tool for contacts in Data Management

  • Improved behavior when merging individual contacts


  • Attachments on draft message replys are no longer removed when the draft is reopened


  • A/R Ledger Report (by ledger type) now includes the initials of the user who billed the time entry in the Billed By column

other changes.jpg

  • Workflow: Tasks created by workflows now display information about when they were created, and that a workflow was the origin

  • User Preferences: Jurisdiction properly saves when multiple jurisdictions have been deselected

  • Firm Preferences: Added additional information when a Third Party Filer Authorization Form is generated

  • Events: More accurate indication of event duration when viewing an event

  • Calendar: More timely feedback when adding a new event

  • DWC E-file Packets: More consistent updating of Date Submitted for QME 106 submissions

  • DWC E-file Packets: Improved handling of error states returned by the DWC

  • Improved layout of various labels, comments, and other interface elements

  • Clicking on items in a Case Agenda when viewing a Task or Event no longer warns about leaving

  • Improved behavior when refreshing the view of a Firm Branch Office

  • Other changes for a better, more efficient MerusCase experience

Release Notes Thanks for Reading-628824-edited.png

As always, we hope you enjoy the latest update of MerusCase!

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