Thursday, February 23, 2017

Version 4.6 (Atlas) Release Notes

Hello Insiders! We hope you're enjoying our new-and-improved MerusCase Release Notes. Though we've updated our look, we'll still provide the same valuable content: an inside look at what features, functions, and capabilities we've introduced in the latest version of MerusCase.

Read on, and enjoy.

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Our left panel has never looked better! We've improved its layout and display to be more friendly with small screens. Navigate efficiently with our reformatted menu; as you click into each category, the others will automatically collapse, so that all the contents of the category you're in will be clearly visible.

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Books & Billing

  • Wondering which cases haven't been billed on recently? Create your own custom report using a new feature of the MerusCase API: caseFiles:index now has last_ledger_date as an optional data point

  • Get accurate data for the time periods that matter - Staff Time lists now limit results for the last two months. Based on the current date, that could be as little as 45 days, or as much as 75 days, of billing data at your fingertips.

  • The Bill To field will no longer, in certain circumstances, display Loading for the Attn party

  • You'll now enjoy a better experience when you remove charges from lists as their state changes (i.e. from Open to Rejected, or removing an item from Open/Reviewed when creating invoices)

  • Ledger rejection and re-opening are now represented in the ledger's audit history

  • Goodbye, wait time! Viewing a receivable when the payor contact has been deleted no longer results in an infinite loading bar

  • Your custom settings are protected and enforced! Our Billable Time by Day and Month Report now honors the firm's Review Charges setting

Case Files

  • Make MerusCase your one-stop-shop! Refer your applicants to vocational counseling and track their progress with full transparency (including notification of benefits, enrollment status, and more)

  • We've added a field! Maximum Medical Improvement (i.e. Permanent & Stationary Date) is available on the Case Details tab for Workers' Compensation matters only


  • You'll notice operational improvements when:
    • renaming uploaded documents
    • browsing icons for subpoenaed records
    • checking out our branding colors :)
    • opening a new tab and navigating to MerusCase (you can skip the login once you're already signed in!)

  • In Tools & Settings:
    • your Branch Office list now correctly displays your office's default venue
    • the Firm tab now correctly displays your default venue selection in your main branch office

  • In Messages, the Print On-Screen Panel output now displays recipient addresses

  • In Calendar, the Print Table output has improved for all-day events

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Version 4.5 (Daphnis) Release Notes

4.5 Release Notes.png

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