Friday, March 20, 2020

Working From Home with MerusCase During COVID-19


With the spread of COVID-19, you’re likely in the midst of important considerations about next steps and the safety of those you work with and serve, including transitioning to a remote work model. To make this transition as smooth as possible, we will be providing you a series of tips and tricks on working remotely. 

Setting up MerusCase on your home computer

The steps listed below will help you get up and running quickly from your home to avoid any disruption to your daily workflow. For those who are used to exclusively accessing MerusCase on their office workstations, here are simple tips to help you get set up.

Step 1: Install the proper web browsers

We highly recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome to get the best MerusCase experience. Other browsers we support include Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

You can access the MerusCase login portal by clicking here. (Feel free to bookmark this link so that it’s easily accessible from your browser each time you want to access MerusCase.)

Step 2: Ensure your account has remote work access  

Many of our firms will restrict user access based on location for security purposes. If you are transitioning to a work from home model, your firm’s administrator will need to either grant access to your home’s network IP address or remove all restrictions entirely for you to be able to access MerusCase remotely. Instructions on how to this can be found here

Step 3: Set up the Microsoft Word QuickSave Button

To get the MerusCase QuickSave button to appear in Microsoft Word, you’ll need to adjust your home computer’s Microsoft Word settings. Please check the QuickSave Macro Setup Guide to set up your version of Word (if you are using a Mac, we recommend using our Save to Merus Add-In). 

Once your settings have been adjusted, the QuickSave button will appear the next time you open or create a letter from MerusCase!

Step 4: Access the MerusCase Knowledge Base

MerusCase support will continue to be available via phone and email but we highly recommend getting familiar with our instructive help articles and How-To videos located within our MerusCase Knowledge Base. You can also access this tool within MerusCase by clicking on the “?” icon located on the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 5: Reach Out to Your Clients (Optional)

If your office has moved to fully being remote and you would like to notify your clients of this change, you can get an export of your clients’ contact information through your contacts list. Please read through our Filtering Contacts & Companies documentation page to learn how to use our search filters so that you only export the information of those that you would like to reach out to. To export your filtered list, click on the printer icon in the top right corner (Print & Export Options) and select Export Table. 

This should give you a spreadsheet that contains the primary email, phone number, and address of the contacts you filtered, which can then be used with a service that handles mass email messaging.

We’re here to help your law firm during COVID-19

We commit to remaining fully operational as we support our customers during this challenging time. Transitioning from working in a traditional office space to working virtually is one of the most challenging aspects of this COVID-19 climate. 

  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19, our team is working remotely with a fully-equipped setup. 
  • We have restricted employee travel to protect communities neighboring our Oakland office. 

We’re all in this together. Thank you for being part of the MerusCase family.

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