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6 Powerful Productivity Apps for Lawyers


Reminder: you practice law in an era defined by digital mobilization. Everything from ordering dinner to buying a car can be accomplished on-the-go from your phone, and chances are, your tech-saavy peers are taking full advantage of the convenience and efficiency that these emerging services provide.

Don't let yourself fall behind the times--optimize your productivity by investing in mobile apps that simplify your life and conserve your time:


Automate your world and maximize productivity with IFTTT's "If this, then that" recipes. This incredibly helpful tool manages and synchronizes up to 324 different devices and services, so that every programmed action you take triggers a pre-set reaction. Program IFTTT to mute your Android phone when you arrive at work, track new contacts on a spreadsheet, or add a reminder to your calendar when you miss a call. 
Available on iOS and Android.

2. WolframAlpha

Every lawyer knows that contextual background knowledge can make or break a case, but research can be tedious and difficult to digest. Enter: WolframAlpha. Now you can trim the fat and save time by accessing what you need to know, directly sourced from subject matter experts. WolframAlpha, the world's computation expert, is a compact, mobile, and go-to source for information on anything from historical currency valuation to human anatomy.
Available on iOS and Android.

3. SignNow

Sign and send important paperwork on-the-go with SignNow, a powerful new tool that promises to revolutionize legal transactions by cutting both time and cost. SignNow integrates documents from email, DropBox, or camera scanner, and stores them in a secure cloud, accessible only to the recipients you select. Use this tool to collect signatures or provide your own - either way, you'll be saving time, paper, and money. 
Available on iOS and Android.

Psst - looking for more ways to take transactional paperwork to the cloud? Here are 5 more quick and easy ways to digitally sign documents.

4. Feedly

As a lawyer, there's so much to read and so little time! Maneuvering through all of the content channels that matter to you can be a burden, and a huge time suck. Using Feedly allows you to streamline your content consumption process, pulling together news publications, blogs, podcasts, videos, and private business updates into a single minimalistic and uncluttered interface. Keep up with your favorite channels, browse news sources tailored to your interests, collaborate with teammates to construct knowledge boards, and even share your collections on social media. 
Available on iOS and Android.

5. Shyp 

Introducing an exciting new way to send out packages and bulk documents without ever stepping foot in the Post Office: Shyp! Couriers from Shyp will pick up outbound materials directly from your door, insulate these items in high-quality packaging, and send them out for the lowest rate they can find across carriers. 
Available on iOS and Android.

6. MerusCase

Why should you have to be in-office to manage your documents and coordinate with your coworkers? Go paperless and liberate your practice from the antiquity of traditional and server-based storage systems. With the MerusCase cloud-based mobile platform, your workspace is wherever you are: all case materials and management features are accessible 24/7, 365, on an interface designed for high functionality and smooth simplicity. To maximize efficiency, bookmark the platform as an "app" on your mobile device. 
Available on all mobile browsers.

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